Kunstner: Sille Tabita Windum

“You believe in fairytales” it whispers
“You believe in sunny clouds
You can’t see reality” it whispers
“When it comes around
Your presence must be found”

It whispers:
“Hold the line and don’t you disturb me
Can´t you see you´re letting them down
There’s nothing behind. Get up to the surface
Stop messing around
Your presence gets too loud”

I hold my breath and watch this movie
The air is thick between the feet and the floor
I don’t get who’s voice is speaking
It all seems so off
Maybe with a cough

Heads grow bigger. Lips seem thicker
Lips are moving. Words are formed
But the meaning doesn´t harmonize
With the look, that’s in the owner’s eyes

I reach out with my questions
Oh I want to make them touch the floor
No response. The lack of tension
Makes the distance extremely long

It whispers:“Use my eyes and let me introduce you
Don’t you want to be a part of this crowd?…
Don’t you want to be a part of this crowd?”…
I realize who’s voice is speaking
Convention it’s your sound
Convention is in town